Divine Protection

What does divine protection sound like to you? To me, sounds fancy or evolved. haha. But the truth is, Real protection isnt roses sometimes, real protection could hurt, could feel like your being deprived your rights. Real protection could be misunderstood for unlucky, bad luck, unwanted, unworthy, left out etc. If not identified for what it is, It could be the beginning of negativity, self-pity, spite, hate etc


When you recognize it for what it is. Protection from hurt, from addiction, dysfunctional relationships. It could be the beginning of abundance. “Seeing” how the protection saved you from avoidable harm. Life looks beautiful because you can now appreciate the “bad” and thank it for keeping you away, saving you from yourself. Allow the experience to grow you. In turn, affecting positively the people around you (cause life is about people and relationships)

After acceptance of the protection, Fulfillment can finally do its job. Fill you up. In exchange, evolution can take place, meaning becoming a better human being. Therefore less self inflicted sufferings.

Perfect Peace (Acceptance)

Its Ironical as i was typing about this topic in particular, I accidentally deleted the entire post.Which takes me to the point, Perfect peace is acceptance to the flow of life. Offering no resistance to the present moment Now. Its being one with the situation at hand. Like you chose it upon yourself.

so, I had to accept that I’ve deleted an entire post. I had the option of being mad about it or creating a fuss about it or even log out and do something else I had planned on doing and literally dodge dealing with what just happened. Rather, I became one with the present moment causing me to get into the flow of life deeper and do the next appropriate thing to do. Type all over again..

Its like getting stuck on the mud. Accept that you are stuck first. Then find ways to get yourself out. Don’t waste time cursing out the mud or blaming things or people because it doesn’t change the situation it just makes it worse. Don’t just sit back, fold your hands and say “oh I’ve accepted my situation”. Know its happening and move towards the Next thing to do

Now I understand there more serious situations of life. Like death, Rape, Loss of property, health issues etc. But the formula remains constant. Accept your Now as it is. Then Make the next deliberate action. Do it like you placed it upon yourself. You will always find that what you did after getting into the flow of life seems genius or profound but its only because you did not resist. You became one with the situation. Therefore causing less destruction to self like stress

Also Perfect peace is when the situation isn’t “pleasing” and you cant do a thing about it. Accept as it is. Normally, in this instance things will change on their own at its timing without much doing on your part.

Do this every chance you remember till it becomes a part of you. This is the creation of perfect peace. Being okay when things around you are not “Pleasing” and making deliberate action towards change {If necessary}